Monday, October 29, 2012


Well, all that worrying about Deb and SV KN, and they both got through it just fine. We were lucky. I feel for the folks in the Chesapeake area, Delaware and Jersey. They are not as lucky, and I do hope all is well, and Sandy peters out before she decides to come ashore.  Deb said the restaurant next to us got flooded at high tide, from the surge as Sandy passed. Imagine the surge as this monster goes ashore up north!

Back in NY, I hit the storage unit with a vengeance, trying to whittle down the items to things I can sell, or give away. I think I did a pretty good job, but there is still much to do. I'm hoping friends and relatives can take some of this stuff so I don't have to cart it away. I loaded up the van twice, and tossed some stuff in a dumpster, but then realized that a security camera might be watching, so I brought the junk back to the apartment for garbage day. I felt like one of the trashmen driving around the neighborhood, picking though your stuff. A rusty old van filled with useless crap, and some old guy needing a shave. Yep, I would have called the cops on a guy like me back in the day, if I saw him driving around the neighborhood.

After. I know. It looks like I just moved stuff to one side.
We are supposed to have 20 foot waves on Lake Ontario tomorrow, so I'll have to snap a few photos of them coming ashore. Any excuse to get out of the damn apartment.


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  1. Glad Deb and the boat are fine ... Mother Nature is scary!