Friday, October 26, 2012


Well, I'm feeling pretty guilty and helpless and it's because of Sandy. Deb is riding this out on her own, and doing the best she can, while I sit here and watch the radar. Ugh.

I don't expect the wind to be that bad, but I would rather be there to monitor the situation. Not much sleep last night. If this tracks as predicted, then Deb should be fine. Not so for our friends up north. Hope Sandy dies quickly, and stays East!!.

I will try to keep my mind off the storm this weekend by taking care of this:

I can't take any of this with me.
I can't imagine selling all of this to Craigslist Crazies. I don't have it in me. After all these years we still have STUFF!  The apartment is getting roomier, as friends and kids take some stuff, but this will be a challenge. I think I'll have friends pick it over, then call a charity. I can sell some stuff, but I'm not selling boxes of nails, screws, and small hardware items for a few dollars, no way. Don't have the patience. I could just leave the door open for a week! Bet that would get it cleaned out.

Worried in Rochester


  1. My thoughts will be with you and Deb, and hopefully Sandy won't be all that bad for ya'll! We know that anxiety ... we went through Isaac! Good news is that the sailboat wasn't scratched. Best wishes!

    I hear ya about those Craigslist folk ... not sure what we'll do when the time comes. I'd guess one or two garage sales and that's it.

    BTW, I have a feeling the boat and Deb are gonna do just fine. =)

    1. As you can tell, this is our first really big storm. It's nothing like what you guys went through. Thanks for the good wishes, I think Deb will be fine. Sandy just has to keep going east, and spare all our friends as well. Fingers crossed.
      I'm worried about Deb, but I'll be the one with snow and rain, while she's in the Florida Sun. Doh.