Monday, July 29, 2013

Pet me, Pet me, Pet me!

Even though there are no pets aboard KN, we do love to be around dogs and some cats when we can. Notice I said "some cats". Our daughters have pets that have become part of the family. Mo, or Mojo, Mosey, Meester Mosey, etc. is Nicole's dog that she rescued in Corpus Christi Texas.

Meester Mosey
Chewy, or Chewbacca, Chew Boo, Wook Master Chew is Kelly's cat that she rescued off the streets of Rochester New York.

She gets humiliated from time to time.
Both are special in their own way. Both were key in our daughters lives, helping them cope with time away from home. Kelly also has a goldfish named Harold, who I believe is over ten years old. Harold and Chew lived with us for a while. That was fun.
Clean my tank!
Occasionally, we are called into service when our kids take a little vacation, and we bond with their furry friends for a little while. We were recruited last weekend for a little puppy support and we camped out at Nicole and Jonathan's place near Savannah, while they hit up Atlanta. Mo is a sweetheart that craves attention, and last weekend I was his target. I was basically stalked the whole time I was there. I would come out of the bathroom, and there he was, staring at me and tail wagging. Wake up, and there he is. Watch TV, and he is licking my knee. Take a nap, and the dog naps on you. In the kitchen cooking, and fur with eyes are following  my every move. It was hide and seek all weekend. Not sure why I was 'It' this time. Usually it's Deb who gets all the attention from Mister Mo. If he's not being rubbed and scratched, he sits waiting to be rubbed and scratched. I am surprised he has any fur at all. I thought maybe he would get distracted outside, and I could sit and have a beer on the patio by myself, but turns out he has good night vision, and tracked me pretty good.

Hiding from me is futile, old man.
We finally figured out what to do about all the attention he was laying on us. We found a nice little park to go to, in the heat of the day of course. Our goal was to get some exercise, and get the pup a little worn out. We like trails and so does Mo, only Mo is so out of shape we thought we were going to kill him. We walked about three miles of jungle trail, with a few rest stops where Mo could chase crabs, and acquire ticks.


Mo was working the point, on Gator watch.

I was smart and wore white. Poor little guy had no choice.
Some foul weather moved in and made us jog back to the car and the poor pup was so completely exhausted he nearly passed out in the rear seat. His life of leisure, getting massaged in manufactured air, has caught up with him. He is now no better than a house cat.
We were successful in our little excursion, making Mo so tired that I was free from being stalked. In fact, I turned the tables on him a little and gave him some unwanted attention. As you can see by the look on his face, he is saying "Leave me alone old man!"

So, our grand dog, and grand cat are soft little fluff balls that lay around the house all day. One can only hope that our grand kids will not turn out the same way.

Speaking of Grand Kids...

Looks like he's wearing a hockey helmet and has a beer gut.
That's right. Some time in January we are going to be Grandma and Grandpa! We will be the mystery Grand Parents that live on a boat, have faded clothes, and smell funny. Can't wait :)


Doesn't if figure. January in Rochester!


  1. You should have stopped by on your way to or from Savannah. Maybe next time.

    s/v Honey Ryder Caliber 40 LRC
    Brunswick GA

  2. We'll give you guys a heads up next time we pop up there. Should I bring tools? :)

  3. CONGRATS! Speaking on behalf of "Mystery Grand Parents" everywhere...welcome to the club!

    Ron and Joyce