Friday, August 2, 2013

Satan's hose

I have finished the longest two runs of Satan's sanitation hose, inch by inch. Two days of push pull push pull push pull. It's starting to look like a finished project now. Y-valve is in place, as well as the macerator, and I have to make a few more connections and the hard part is done. Last is the vent line. I remember now why I saved this for the end. I have no idea where to run it to. Good planning, eh?

I had to remove a small amount of the fiberglass tub surround. I used one of those oscillating tools and nearly went deaf using it, but it cut through it like butter. Some of the cutouts from the old hose run had to be opened up slightly as Satan's hose was somehow bigger than the other 1.5 inch waste line. Must be that extra level of smell protection I paid for made it larger in diameter. With the large pieces run, I can make quick work of the others when I get some fluids back in my body.

Deb said wear a t-shirt and your pants will not get so wet with sweat. Two shirts and one pair of pants later I decided clothes were an option. Kidding. I feel the need for some protection in those vulnerable places, so the pants stayed. You never realize how hot it is down here until you work in tight spaces. Wow. I was actually slipping on my sweat.

I'll have some photos of the finished job in a few days. I'll wipe up the sweat too.

Sleep. I need sleep.


  1. You are almost there. Instead of sweating to the's sweating with Satan's Hose?

    s/v Honey Ryder Caliber 40 LRC

  2. Too funny although I'm sure you didn't think so lol. Thanks I really needed the laugh.

    S/V Kintala

  3. Hey Paul,
    All that experince with the "back alleys" of your boat will be very handy when you put in the A/C. Come on, get over that "we don't need stinkin A/C" attitude and join the rest of the southerners - in the A/C.