Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Some people

I guess some people are a bit put off by postings of ultrasound baby images. Really? Huh. I don't see it, but Deb tells me that some people feel that it is too much information. I recently posted my daughters ultrasound photo of her child to show I was going to be a Grand Captain. My daughter doesn't have a problem with it. She posted about her baby on Facebook. So did her friends. I really don't know why some people would be put off by that. Maybe I took too much science in school, as I don't feel it's inappropriate at all. In fact, it's beautiful. It's life! It's reality! Science and sex education are still a requirement in today's schools, right? Oh well.

If you were freaked out by photos of developing life, and failed to read past the ultrasound picture, please read the non offensive announcement below.

We are going to be Grand Parents! Delivery is expected this January!



  1. Proofreading. I should try it once in a while. Usually Debra points out my spelling and grammar mistakes. I find them the next day after all of you have formed your opinions about my level of intelligence.

  2. Grandparents?! Congrats ... how exciting! Our only child is getting married next Spring so we're in no hurry but .. can't wait to be grandparents and bring the little ones on the boat!

    Who would be offended by an ultrasound pic?! Keep on posting them!

  3. Personally I like the kid in a box pic you have above. Isn't that how they come via FedEx or UPS with a manual? No? Hum? Then again, we are not kid/baby people so we usually skip over pics and postings that have to do with that stuff.

    s/v Honey Ryder Caliber 40 LRC

  4. I put a comment here on my phone and for some reason it didn't post...thank you Android. I say have at it with the ultrasound pics. What a beautiful affirmation of life!

    S/V Kintala