Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Where did the time go?

All you cruisers getting ready to invade Florida is making me nervous. I feel like I am running behind schedule. I know, what the hell have I been doing all summer. Well, let's save that discussion until a few beers have passed. I have a project list that is looking insurmountable right now based on my current level of energy. I better find a wellspring of kick ass or we will be cruising without a few must haves on this ship.

I basically have to re-bed everything topsides, and then complete the following small sample of the growing list.

  1. Finish new aft holding tank install
  2. Complete compressor enclosure
  3. Install water maker
  4. Remove forward holding tank (Ugly ugly job. Big disgusting tank)
  5. Install new water tanks forward, and new holding tank as well.
  6. Clean and polish fuel tanks
  7. Additional solar panel
  8. Wind Genny
  9. Replace three seacocks
  10. Weld two busted stanchions
  11. Bottom paint
  12. Buy Red Bull by the case
There is a LOT more to the list than what I posted, and I better get organized quickly because not only is there a boat to get ready, but also my youngest Daughter's wedding is in November, and a Grandson is arriving in January. Woohoo!

I still have to post about our one year anniversary afloat, and hopefully I can get Deb to write something. It's tough to break her away from Candy Crush. Ooh, I will get a punch in the arm for that comment. With the summer heat dissipating we are finding it easier to get some stuff done. We have a cool week coming up. Yes, the eighties are cool now. The humidity has tapered off a bit too, which is nice to do something without a gallon of sweat getting all over it. I still can't avoid getting dehydrated for some reason, and I did it again last weekend. I had a migraine on Saturday night, and just recently got rid of the dull ache in my head. All that wood butchering on the sunny dock did me in I guess.



  1. You can do it.

    Sv Honey Ryder

    1. Ah, my cheer squad. Give me a P! Give me an A!....