Saturday, September 14, 2013

Wildcat Onboard!

We met with Sabrina and Tom from SV Honey Ryder on Thursday! We have been communicating for some time now through our sailing blogs, and it was good fun having a few brews and laughs with them. They were in town running errands and it was so nice of them to stop by and say hello. It's been a lonely existence out here on 'A' dock so hopefully I didn't come across as too desperate for conversation, though I did walk and talk them to their car :0  They are just as nice as they appear on their blog and seemed like old friends even though we just met. They are also my inspiration for getting work done on this tub. They seem to knock off projects in record time, while I slog along. We look forward to seeing them out there on the water, and meeting up again.

Sabrina and Tom must have left some extra energy with us, as I started into some woodbutchering woodworking, and knocked off a panel for the fridge compressor enclosure.

The compressors are behind the steps

Good trim can  always hide bad woodworking. I only have a jigsaw, so my cuts are reflective of my caffeine intake. At one point sweat got into one eye and I strayed off course. Glad I bought the wide trim.
I miss my saws. I'm doing it the old fashioned way, and it sux.

Anybody else want to visit? Chat for a while. Have a few beers. Drop off a table and miter saw :)




  1. Eeek! How about a little photoshop action?

    s/v Honey Ryder Caliber 40 LRC

  2. C'mon, I think it's a great photo. It came out way better than my photo - a pumpkin on a stick!

  3. We'll be there soon we hope but I don't think we'll have any extra project energy...

    S/V Kintala

    1. You guys deserve the time to just float around and laugh for a while. Just remember to slow down when you catch a break in all the boat drama. No hurry, no worries.

  4. Looks like you already have a sweet little miter saw....

    Honey Ryder

    1. Yea, it's a gem. Woodcraft at it's best. Actually, with a little patience, it works just fine, but I'd still prefer a spinning blade.

  5. How cool to meet other cruisers in the neighborhood. They are some very good people.