Friday, December 20, 2013

Morning Tea

Morning Tea posts are my thoughts dumped onto pages. When I don't feel like writing much I just spill it.

I wasn't sure about how I would feel today after trying to kick this cold for the last few. I think I'm better. My head is still kind of stuffed and I seem to have a tiny cough, but it's too hard to tell before I have had at least three cups of tea. I'm double bagging today.

When I have a cold I seem to have periods of extreme energy and then I crash and go to sleep.

Our bimini keeps collecting mold underneath and no matter how much I wash it, it still comes back. It's pissing me off.

The last time I waterproofed the bimini after I cleaned I thought I soaked it good, but the last rain came right on through. WTF!

I've come to realize that marine products grossly overstate their effectiveness.

The blogger spell checker is not always correcting. Just something else to pizz me off.

When marine life is either mating or hunting I wish they would do it around someone elses boat. I keep checking the bilge.

There are some friendly people here at this marina, and then there are some who are not. The higher the value of their boat, the less friendly they appear.

I wanted to go for a morning spin on the old Murray but my legs are saying no thanks.

I noticed a slight intolerance towards sailboats by the fishermen on the dock. I talked with one, who kept his back to me most of the time until he told me that the damn Osprey lands on my mast and the shit gets blown on his boat! I wondered why that damn bird didn't crap on my deck the whole time he was there. I thought it was out of respect for a Morgan, but turns out it was the wind.

My iCloud storage is full.

The fishermen wash their boats every damn morning. The fishermen wax their boats every damn week. The fishermen don't fish.

Debra announced her retirement. Did I mention that? Maybe a post is in order.

January third will be the birthday for our Grandson Mason. It is also the birthdate of my Grandmother who I miss. I can still taste her liver dumpling soup and the best spaetzle ever, not to mention the German potato salad.

I'm hungry.

I have two horizontal aluminum propane tanks I want to sell. Anyone interested?

I still have some email contact with my pals at GM. I think I'm finally starting to fade away. It's like your previous life is slowly falling behind in your wake.

I used an upholstery cleaner on one of the salon cushions and it still looks like my Grandmother's couch from the 40's, but it smells better. I think. How would I know I have a cold. Deb refuses to sniff a cushion. We'll let our guests decide.

I want to varnish a small teak plaque with the Morgan nameplate on it and the guy who sold me the Epiphane's told me 12 coats. Twelve!! I was right to buy a boat without teak on the deck. Stainless steel baby. Stainless steel.

More tea.

Our view out of the boat is very unspectacular at this marina. We see boats and buildings, but they hide the highway. We can still hear a train every now and then and it reminds us about our trip south where we were always docked or anchored by either a highway, a train track, or both.

Our vessel will be hauled out soon for the last of the BIG projects to get done. Cutting out an aluminum holding tank is best left for the professionals. I just hope the boat doesn't smell like an outhouse when we get back. What? It does?

Based on what I read over at  I will be running the crap out of our outboard before we head out.

I started our dual fuel filter project. In my mind.

There are no roaches crawling around on these docks like the others in Jax. Roaches only like brackish water? There are plenty of lizards on these dock, so maybe they are eating the roaches? Fine with me.

I suppose I should do something besides type nonsense, so I guess I'll clean the bimini and then hit up publix for lasagna night. I plan on germing some internet friends for dinner. No really guys I'm fine. The germ stage is long past. (eye roll and whistling)

Playing around in cold water seems like a good idea when you have a cold. I just can't stand looking at that bimini mold.



  1. Holy _hit! Yay Deb!!!! Paul - sorry about your cold. Feel better, shut up and tell us about Deb's retirement announcement!!!!!! That is HUGE!!! YAY!!!!!!!

    1. OKAY OKAY! I'll get right on it. As soon as my nose stops dripping on the keyboard.

  2. Tea comments:

    Two days and I'm germ free :)
    The lasagne was great
    The cushions did not smell
    I will not be the first guest to test the new head plumbing
    I don't want your horizontal tanks
    I still like my shiny teak
    My bimini leaks too
    The cormorant waited for the only windless day to dump on my bimini
    You have an awesome boat

    S/V Kintala