Wednesday, June 11, 2014

All that Jazz

When you get new doctors they like to examine you. When they examine you they ask if it hurts here. Then they ask if it hurts there. Then they say you should have that looked at. An appointment in St Aug was scheduled for something to be looked at. After waiting almost a week for a machine to do the looking it was finally done. One long day and a crazy bus ride and someone was ready for the bar. Deb and I met at a local watering hole and had dinner and a few brews. After that we settled in for a relaxing evening with a nice warm breeze and no bugs! I snagged the iPod and played some tunes while I relaxed.

With a start I woke up to Pink Floyd and a nasty stomach. Deb had gone to bed with the same sad tummy. It was nothing that required immediate attention which is good considering we only have one head at the moment. I remained in the cockpit and managed to fall asleep again. The music changed from mellow Floyd to The Strokes which woke me up pretty quickly. I was a little disoriented and had to pee. Not wanting to wake up Deb I just went over the side. I had assumed it was early morning but apparently it wasn't quite eleven yet. I wasn't sure if the neighbors were actually in their cockpit as I stood near the rail, or if those were shadows. I waved anyway.

This morning Deb tells me I was quite loud last night. What? Was I snoring? Singing in my sleep? Apparently a few unaccompanied brass notes were played. Huh. There must have been some jazz tunes in my playlist.

The folks next to us were up early. I was having tea. I waved and got a short wave back. I guess exposed jazz soloists are not their thing. My apologies.



  1. If you meet them speak with a French accent. Then they will just assume it is a European thing.

    1. Hahaha. I can only pull off a Canadian accent, being a border boy. They left early anyway