Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Lagoon

The Mosquito Lagoon. From Titusville to Daytona along the ICW you pass through this lagoon. I'm not liking it much. On our way down the coast we motored through this shallow lagoon in twenty five to thirty knots of wind on the nose and it was damn unpleasant. Nothing to look at and not even any mosquitoes to swat, which would have passed the time. There are some small islands, little wildlife and the occasional jackass that hogs the whole channel. This year heading through going north we felt we might have a better ride as there was little wind and the Sun was blazing.

After a friendly chat with the Haulover Canal bridge operator we passed through the canal and into the lagoon. A quick left turn and we looked into the lagoon where a black cloud was building until it covered the whole sky and then it started raining. Not kidding. The drizzle fizzled but the clouds remained. Squalls danced around us as the thunder warned us that lightning was looking for something to touch. With our eyes on the squalls we had to be careful not to stray off the channel, else you would find yourself in a foot of water. Deb had gone below for some reason and I was driving and bored to tears. I started humming a tune about boat hippies, trying to come up with some lyrics when I noticed the depth sounder at about 5.5 feet. One more chorus and we would have been standing next to our boat calling for a tow or a sky crane. Standing in the water here shouldn't be a problem. There couldn't be a creature of the Mosquito Lagoon because everyone would see it coming it's so shallow.

We eventually emerged from the lagoon. Deb announced "We are out of the lagoon!", and as she said this the Sun came out. No lie. So, add the Mosquito lagoon to the list of bodies of water we dislike.

  1. Oneida Lake - a shallow little windblown evil body of water in Central New York that has a collection of masts on its bottom.
  2. Delaware Bay and River - No explanation as my blood pressure spikes just thinking about it.
  3. Mosquito Lagoon
We are never going to see Oneida Lake. No, scratch that. I may catch a glimpse of it by plane some day. I will try to avoid Delaware Bay and River like the plague as we are not going that far North for a while. I lived North, I know what it's like. The Mosquito lagoon is probably in our future again and I would just like it to be sunny, warm, about 5-10 knots out of the west, no traffic and Dolphins jumping and playing alongside us the whole way through. Is that too much to ask?


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  1. Have no experience with Oneida Lake, but concur with the rest!