Saturday, September 20, 2014

Oxford blah's

This post never published last week. For some reason it just did. Strange. Now I'm out of order. 

We are still anchored near Oxford MD on a gray and cold for us day. We were going to move but rain is coming and well, who the hell wants to be rainy and cold? So tomorrow we will move either to another creek or back to Solomon's for a refresh on fuel, water and food. 

The trek south is starting. We have seen many boats heading that way, many of them Canadian. We were one of the few boats going north but now the nights are cooler and my feet are cold so we are out of here soon. 

Oxford is a tiny town. It's the end of the season and the few places we saw in town were closed or getting ready to vacate until spring. Bartender told us it's a town of 500, soon to be 200 as the sailors go south. Not sure what people do here all summer besides sailing, drinking and eating :)

We got caught in an anchorage exposed to a 20 something north wind the other night. We had shallows to leeward and the chain was stretched so I was on watch all night. We held but it was a bit intense there for a while. Wind was predicted to be ten or less. Figures. 

If we broke loose we would have been washed up in the cornfield. Sailors of the corn. Never to be seen again. 

We managed to find sloooow wifi here so we will update a few times while I recover from a bout of stomach issues which showed up right after eating ashore. When a place says they are closing in two weeks maybe you shouldn't eat there. 


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