Saturday, September 20, 2014


A quickie. I'm on 4g. 

We ended up in the choptank and visited Oxford and then the weather got funky. We got funky as well. I think we got a little food poisoning. Tip: if a restaurant is closing in a few weeks just stick with beer and popcorn. All is well now, but it made for some unpleasantness. 

The temps dipped into the fifties and we both thought "South!!", so south we went. Sorry Bev, the wind wasn't right for Cambridge the whole time there. Debs allergies are kicking her butt and all she can think about is salt air and sand. I think we've gone through a dozen tissue boxes. She's not a happy camper sneezing and coughing all the time. Claritin is not really performing as advertised. 

We went back to Solomon's to restock and refuel. We dropped the hook in the great Wicomico upriver from where we were last time and it was great. We are now back in the Piankatank waiting for a window for Portsmouth. Blowing in the twenties from the east in the South Bay right now. We want no part of that. Tomorrow we ride. 

Apologies to my friend Mike who lives near Onancock Creek. We looked at it on the charts and felt it was too tricky for us without local knowledge. Wasn't sure I had the stones to go in there but my first mate gave it the final "No way!"

Had fun in the Bay. We got to sail!!! Loved it. Wish the weather was better but what the hell. Anchorages in creeks were awesome. A little muddy on the foredeck though. We like to keep moving so this was time well spent. We were going nuts sitting at AYB for so long. 

 Autopilot has passed it's dockside check and the sea trial will be next. So far so good. Wood knocked. 


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  1. Sorry you didn't make it to Cambridge. Maybe next time. We might have passed each other. We cruised up the Tred Avon River on 9/16 and then the Little Choptank 9/18-9/20. Maybe we will meet someday.