Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Pleased to meet you

While in Luperon I had asked our handler/boat boy Papo if I could get the zincs changed. No problemo! Days later he shows up with a sorry looking old boat with an even worse looking old pump and tank combo that was an air compressor mounted in the boat. Attached to the compressor was an old yellowed air line which resembled a long length of surgical tubing. At the end of the surgical tubing was a mouth piece that a super skinny dude was putting in his mouth.

Papo asked for a hammer, Pliers and an allen wrench. He threw the tools into the compressor boat. I gave him the zincs which he handed to the skinny diver dude. Skinny diver dude took the zincs and stuffed them into his pants. His Yoga pants. OK, maybe his wifes Yoga pants. They were a pink and purple tie dyed pattern. Something Mick Jagger would have worn on stage in the 80's. The guy kind of looked like Mick Jagger too. Rough looking wrinkled face and wild hair. So this brown Mick Jagger dude had two zincs and some tools inside these yoga pants while he fitted his mask and fell overboard.

Once brown Mick was in the water Papo sped off to do other things. "I be back soon." he said. Uh, you have someone in the water there buddy. Don't you think someone should watch? Apparently I was in charge of keeping an eye on brown Mick. We heard hammering on the prop shaft and then some clinking noise and then possibly someone swearing in Spanish. Not sure if I have new zincs on there or not but brown Mick popped back into his boat just as his air line broke in half.

I gave him the OK sign and I got a thumbs up in return. Bueno. I dug into the fridge to find the lightest beer I had and tossed it to him. All I had for him was an Oskar Blues Momma's Little Yella Pilsner. Good beer but I think he had a taste of hops for the first time in his life. It was total bitter beer face. Now he really looked like a brown Mick Jagger, singing Sympathy for the Devil.

I tried to talk to the guy but he just stood up and stripped off his wifes yoga pants and so I went below to put chlorine in my eyes. Eventually Papo came by and charged me $15. Wonder how much brown Mick got for swimming in Luperon harbor with a zinc covered pecker? Off they went with Papo towing the skinny semi naked dude back to shore.

If you are heading for Luperon bring extra yoga pants, about size 5 or 6 and maybe some 50 ft of air line. Dude deserves it. Camo yoga pants would be a nice touch. A bit more manly.


Totally relaxed now. Enjoying not travelling for a few weeks.

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