Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Test post from new app.

Just checking to see if this blogger app does not suck. The Google Blogger app for andriod does truly suck, so I am testing alternatives before bailing and moving everything to wordpress.

So, I enabled the gps for the app and it says I am in the Exumas. Fail number one.

Let's add a photo...

Is the photo there? I do not see it in the draft. Fail number two.

Looks like I have to use HTML to get any kind of font changes. Fail number three.

Well this blows.


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  1. Looks good to me! Would love to hear more about this app, as I use Blogger on our computer.

    1. Cheryl, The laptop is a pain in the ass on the boat. Takes forever to boot up (windows) and the battery just doesn't last very long. I want to do everything on a tablet so I tried a few apps. We have an iPad and a Samsung tablet. I just tried Bloggeroid for the samsung and it's doable. I also loaded a simple text editor to quickly type and save the blog text which is pasted to Bloggeroid. I am using google photos to tag and send to bloggeroid. So far its working OK. Nothing like the laptop but definately workable.