Monday, May 23, 2016

Where did everyone go?

This morning I crawl out the cockpit to open the propane tank and I look around at the mooring field. Empty. Hey! Where the hell is everyone? Looks like some folks slipped away in the night time. We are sitting here waiting for the better winds to come on WED thru Friday and we thought others were as well. Huh. Today more people left to go south. Is it just us who are weenies?

We have to go a little SE yet before we are heading straight south and the trade winds today are at their peak and ESE. Tuesday night they settle and so do the waves and the wind actually turns a little ENE. Why not wait?

"Hey honey let's go now while the wind is at it's strongest and right on the nose. Whatta ya say? Feeling sporty?"

People are weird. Speaking of weird, we went to get some coffee and wifi at a small cafe today. Server was pleasant and brought us our drinks on a tray to a table outside. We talked for a while and then remembered we wanted to go online for a bit. I went back inside to ask for the WIFI password and BAM! The friendly little lady yelled out the password in French and yelled it so loud that everyone looked over at me like I said something awful to her. My face was all red and I wondered what the hell I did wrong. I was so flustered I forgot what she yelled and we never did get the damn password. It's like the whole town has a hangover today.

We had our morning walk. Stopped for coffee. Picked up a few items from some stores and went back to the mother ship to make some water. Tomorrow we will check out, prep the boat for a rough ride and hopefully catch a beam reach down to the bottom of Dominica on Wednesday. We would like to take advantage of the wind angle and peel off another 2 days of travel afterward. This should get us out of our hurricane box and into the happy zone our insurance company wants us in.

I feel a strong urge to nap. Must be all that good strong coffee is wearing off.


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