Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A wee update

Just a little update today. Maybe a blog post tomorrow. Maybe. Kind of been busy relaxing :)

We are at anchor in Carriacou and enjoying the island. We met up with SV Honey Ryder and are having a blast. Been a while since we have seen them and they have not changed a bit. In fact they look younger. Hope that happens to us. Ha! Too late, though Deb said something about purple hair streaking recently and I have been talking about a tatoo. Probably will not make us look younger, just more badass :) Wonder if nerds can become badass?

The other night we met up with some cruisers at karaoke night at a local bar. Fun! Cruisers singing and playing music with the locals was a totally great time. Met lots of nice people and the music was fun. Even that one disco number. I have been asked to bring the guitar but I am pretty damn new at it and want to wait until I know a few songs. One guy says, "Great! Another fking guitarist! Just what we need" Huh. Maybe I should have practiced the accordian. Polka rock is the best.

We are totally chilled right now and are pretty happy to not be fighting those trade winds on the nose any more. I will have another post on achieving our goal of getting to Grenada and out of the hurricane zone. I will try to keep it lighthearted and not all that mushy emotional crapola stuff but I must say I kind of had a lump in my throat as we were reaching past the Grenadines in completely calm seas in 12 knots and doing 7 with my feet up and the water slipping past. It was like Mother Nature said "Congratulations kids! Have a beam reach. A little gift from Mom."

See you tomorrow.

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  1. I love when the great Mother is pleased without having to resort to sacrifices. There are so few virgins to be found anymore. Glad you are having fun! No, tattoos do not make middle aged nerds look bad ass. Just saying. Nerds have their own form of bad assery. Embrace it.

    1. Middle aged nerd bad assery. Maybe I'll just get new glasses.