Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Best Behavior?

We have been house guests since coming back to the US. I have been on my best behavior, trying not to make too much of a mess or saying the wrong things, though I did slip up a few times. Nothing says thanks for letting me stay here like your underwear on the floor or empty beer bottles on the counter to greet you in the morning before work. It can get frustrating being respectful all the time. So, to amuse myself I move a few small things out of place and watch to see if anyone will notice. Nothing huge like furniture, just something small like a shelf item. Just turn something around or put it on the shelf above where it was to see if anyone notices. You see them stare at it a bit and then put it back in place and maybe cast a glance your way. Good fun.

I do attempt to cook some meals and Debra is always picking up the place or cleaning the kitchen after I destroy it. Sometimes dinners are good and other times I fail. I have not cooked meat in a long time and I think the chicken was a little tough last time. No one has died choking yet.

Will they eat all vegetarian? They say they will until they see it and wonder what the main dish is. Are we just eating sides? So I am cooking dead animals again.

We had to get a car to get around on our own. Locked in a house while people are at work is freaky. I was pacing. TV just does not do it for us any more so I ordered a cheap ass guitar to practice on. I might even start blogging regularly. I kind of miss doing that. We are at Deb's mothers place. She lives there with her boyfriend. I am waiting for the right moment to bring in the guitar and amp. I am going to pretend I am on the phone with band mates. "Yeah, bring the drums. I will move the car out of the garage". The look on his face will be piceless. Oh, the car. We bought a used '06 Acura. Hope to sell it before we leave. Might just keep it for next season. Kind of sucks owning the damn thing but with peeps spread from NY to FL we needed transportation. Renting a car for that long is pricey. This could prove pricey too if I can't sell it and get a good portion of the money back. Roll of the dice.

So from Trinidad to NY to NC to GA to FL here we are. Life is weird and nomadic but that's OK.

More later.


I know you think I blew my cover talking about messing with our hosts but I seriously doubt they read this unless I post a link on FB.

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  1. Are you eating the dead animals or just cooking them? I think you should start messing with bigger things. Maybe reupholster a chair overnight and see if they notice.

  2. Just cooking them. Still a veg head.
    Reupholstering Hahaha. I think I will stay subtle. A long time ago I swiped a rather large floor vase form our friends house during a party and put it in ours. It was years before they noticed. "We had a vase just like that!" It had been so long I forgot it was theirs.

  3. I wish I would have thought of that. Swipe something that I want from a relative's house, and then later when they see it, just say it's a joke. What an inventive way to get cool stuff, and save money. Now I'm just into giving it all away, or trying to, as we close up the sale of the house. How much stuff could I send you, and then you could place it around, and pretend like it's always been there. A reversal.....

    1. Deb reminded me that when they had another party we snuck the vase back into their house. We were part of a larger devious group of friends. For all I know they still have something of ours in their homes and are laughing every time we are there.

  4. What a fun game to see who notices the little changes. But then again.....too much of that and you will be living in the new to you car!

    1. Yes, I have to be careful and restrained. My mother in law spots things immediately so I backed off. I should have bought a car with bench seats.