Thursday, November 17, 2016

Back at latitude 43

Holy shit we're back!

Most of you (8 followers) know we are on an extended return to the US to welcome our latest Grandchild. Harper will be arriving soon and we are holed up in a cottage on the south shore of lake Ontario in Sodus Point NY. We can't wait to welcome the little cutey to the family. We also can't wait to get the hell out of here! Damn it's cold and yes I am a wuss. When Harper is old enough I will tell her, "I damn near froze my nuts off to be there for your arrival!" Then I will get yelled at for mentioning my nuts and tthey will wheel me back to my room.

Cold. It's cold. The overnight lows are now in the 30's and there is snow in the forecast for Monday. I have yet to buy thermal underwear but I think we may hit up Target soon because I have no winter jacket, just a fleece.

The drive up from Georgia was tiring. We stopped in Fredericksburg overnight and hit the road in the morning and drove right into DC rush hour traffic. Before we even made it to the DC morning disaster we were slowed by road work almost the whole way. WTF!!

To anyone who has ever lived in this area and had to drive to work every morning I commend you. You must have the patience of a Saint. Saint Loser McDumbAss. Have you people ever added up the time you spent in traffic every work day for 30 yrs? Don't do it. You'll cry.

Driving in the lower states was a breeze in comparison but there were plenty of yahoos trying to prove their truck was worth the $40k versus spending it on their kids braces by racing anything on the road.  The occasional drug runner from Miami trying to get to Baltimore or NYC before the club closes is always special to watch. I told my son-in-law once while we were driving south on I95 that this highway is full of the unknown, and strange shit can happen at any time. He wanted to know why that is and I mentioned the usual overturned trucks or fast cars rocketing off the road into the trees, boats falling off trailers or box springs flying out of truck beds. I need to update him on the latest attractions.

Yep. It's a black bear. In a pick up.

So we survived the roads traveled and managed to arrive at our micro cottage by the lake. Cozy. For most "normal" people this would be insanely small but for us it's kind of just right.

Our micro cottage.

I am actually having fun. I know it's cold and the snow (white death) has not fallen yet but damn it's kind of nice being in the crisp fall air with the smell of wood smoke and apples. I want to walk with my grandsons through the woods and then visit the cider mill for some cinnamon fry cakes and sweet apple cider. Maybe a caramel apple or some kettle corn will do. Eventually the freezing rain will fall and suck the life out of me but right now it's kind of nice. Baby girl will bring a nice ray of sunshine into our lives when the weather is the worst. Looking forward to that real soon.

I will be blogging more now that Facebook has become just a land of memes about politics and self help. Getting boring. Anyone else feel the same way? We do like family and friends updating us on their activities but the other crap I could really live without yet it Just. Won't. Stop.

Good talking to ya. I will let you know when it snows.


The dude in the pick up with the bear was just as relaxed as can be so we assume it's a stuffed bear that he thinks is a unique add on. I would have added a Yogi Bear hat and tie.
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  1. I always enjoy your descriptions of driving in the States. Every time I get in the car in Florida, all of the insane drivers are enough to make me want to crawl back in my boat and never leave again or at least not leave again until the food and beer run out.

  2. Check your blog every day [as you know] welcome back to the North. Keep it coming here!

  3. Please keep up the very entertaining blogging. It is such a refreshing change from the political crap on FB. A bunch of "know it alls" !! I love your writing. Where are you staying up here? Would love to grab a beer with you.
    Karin and Rick

  4. Breaker 19 - we've got a smokey headed northbound on 95

  5. Glad you're back to the blog. I killed my FB account years ago, though I do occasionally peek at my wife's feed. It reaffirms the decision every time.

    Love your writing, especially in long form.

  6. So glad you're blogging again. Except for posting links to our blog posts, I gave up FB a couple months ago and it's been great. You need to find a Goodwill and get yourself a winter coat. I found an awesome down coat there for $3

    SV Kintala