Monday, November 28, 2016

Two Days

We are now two days away from seeing our first Grand Daughter. Time sure did fly since we arrived in the cold north and this is a good thing.

I think I am handling the cold just fine.

Deb on the other hand is not too amused about snow and freezing rain falling on her head. One of the many reasons we left this area is the aches and pains you feel in your joints and your back during the long winter months of damp cold weather. This November brought us a record snow storm. Third largest November snow fall total. We are lucky that way. Deb is feeling this cold in her back and knees. I would be too but my grandson Mason is keeping me limber by running at me full speed and tackling me to the carpet. I have a few bruises and some muscles that have not been used in a while but I'm not so stiff.

Speaking of muscle failure, my daughter Nicole showed off her strength at a playground by climbing around on the swing set and bars. She said, "Let's see you do it Dad!" My brain said Don't Do It Slacker Boy, but I tried anyway. Ugh. My shoulder still hurts. My arms looked like raw chicken wings being de-boned while I hung helplessly from the rings.

I realize now that I need to do some things to maintain strength besides the usual stuff sailors do, like opening beer bottles and adjusting the sails. This will be tough to do when it is eighty five to ninety degrees and ninety percent humidity but it sure beats shrinking. I might have to go to a size small shirt if this keeps up. The smaller my body gets, the bigger my head looks so there is some incentive there to keep the muscle mass. Maybe I should buy those stretchy rubber band like workout things and get up on deck every morning for a workout. Maybe I should save my money and just do push ups and drink a protein shake. Maybe I should just drink tea and watch the sunrise and other people working out while I order small shirts off Amazon.

Aside from whining about the cold we are keeping busy. There is plenty of toddler care happening in between guitar practise and spending time with friends. We had an awesome Thanksgiving dinner with Sharon and Bill who hosted for both families. It was nice of them to invite the wayward sailors. We even told a few stories and lied about the sailing life. Kidding. We always tell the truth about this life. The truth is funny. Like how we had to buy new backpacks in Trinidad because our old ones were ripped and the zippers were corroded in place from the salty life at sea. We then stuffed our new one's for the plane ride to the US only to have the zippers break and the straps come off before the trip. Quality.

I really hate to blow the image of us just holding hands walking the beaches under palm trees and a beautiful sunset every day but they need to know it's not just one long vacation. Or do they? The sailing magazines don't feel the need to show the "real" life out there. If they did then the anchorages would be less crowded.

Does anyone read a sailing/cruising magazine anymore?

We bought new Waterproof backpacks. They look pretty tough and there are no zippers to fail. Only problem is everything is in the same pouch. I also wonder how sweaty these things will be riding on my back all day. Sure beats getting electronics wet so I will put up with the sweaty back.

The Sun came out! We had a whole week of snow and then rain to melt it all. I miss the Sun.

Baby Girl soon come. Grandpa gets tired just thinking about it. These kids wear me out. To them I am some sort of punching/wrestling bag but I admit it is fun playing and messing with them. Mason has found out that gramps can be quite a wise guy. I only made him cry twice so far. Aiden found out gramps doesn't take any crap from a two year old and then he cried as well. When we leave they will get to see Grandpa cry.

Having fun up north.


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  1. So, you got me at the whole leaving the cold and damp because of aching joints. I'm assuming that gets better when you are in the warm sun. Like a lizard on a rock. They never look like they are in any pain at all. Hope springs eternal that this is true. Here's hoping for a glorious new baby girl for you guys to enjoy until you get back to the boat. Tiny babies are so easy to hold. You can just sit there and enjoy. Two year olds are not for the faint of heart. Or muscles.

    1. Most of our joint pain went away when we hit the warm climate. Amazing. I have sunned on those warm rocks. Smart lizards.