Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Winter Walk

This morning the temperature is about 29 degrees. Not bad. The wind was calm and the streets were plowed. The Sun might even make a brief appearance. Not a bad time for a little fresh air and a brisk walk around town.

Walking is slow enough to let your mind wander. I prefer to bike ride for exercise but I never get the meditation like calmness of a good walk when I ride. Maybe getting flattened by a big old Chrysler in 1967 makes me a little skittish while on two wheels. Walking is more relaxing for me so as I make my way through the snow covered streets my mind starts to wander...

You ever wonder just what the hell you are doing sometimes? What idiot rents a summer cottage in the winter that is an hour away from the daughter he came to NY to visit? I am that idiot I guess. It's fucking cold here. It's snowing a lot. We are actually living a block away from the marina where we started this adventure. It's weird.

As weird as it is right now it's been a fun visit to the States. The kids and Grandkids are awesome to be around. We wish we could take them away from it all and live with us in the warmth of the islands but I am not filthy stinking rich enough to move them down here. Even If I was independently wealthy and owned a mega yacht I would still require the kids be old enough to be off the diapers before coming aboard. Never did like dealing with kid poop. That baby mustard stuff is disgusting. Not enough hand sanitizer in the world for that.

Driving in the snow has not been difficult. The stress of it all is worrying about the other drivers doing crazy shit and running into us. The key to driving in the snow is keeping your speed relative to conditions, having good tires and keeping your foot off the damn brake. We have seen people put the brakes on while going over an icy bridge and spinning out because they were going to fast before the bridge. Assholes.

There is route 104 nearby which we take to get to Rochester, which has always been a death road. The other night some woman was killed by an oncoming car that slid on the ice and into her lane. We had just passed through that spot minutes earlier. Friends of ours knew someone who was killed by a truck in the last snow storm. You just never know do you?

I'm walking down the middle of the road to avoid the slippery ice so I don't fall and break my ass and I hear this jerk is racing up behind me in a car. I move to the opposite side of the road but he passes me real close and slow and stares at me while driving by. I wave and he frowns. Dick.

Aches and pains are back. With the cold comes the pain in our joints that we have not felt since hitting the tropics. We are now those people that moan when they have to get their asses out of a chair. In the morning when I get up my ankles don't want to work. I walk to the bathroom like I have two peg legs. My shadow looks like some Frankenstein monster walking about.

When I ran track in High School my coach laughed at my feet because they turn in when not on the ground. Kind of like an old VW Beetle. Looking down now I see my right foot still does that. In fact I think it's getting worse. Maybe that's why my knee hurts to much after walking a few miles. It's like positive camber on a VW bug suspension. My shoes all wear on the outside edge. I never realized what a freak I was.

If technology advances to the point where our bodies can be beamed and transported does this mean we are actually killed and then brought back to life with a new body? I think this is so. You would be broken down into a form of energy that can be transported and then reassembled. Every time you are broken down into an energy form you are killed and a clone of you is created after transport. So, if there is an afterlife then all of my clones would be hanging around together after every transfer. I would be the original so does this mean I would be the leader of my clone gang? Wait. How would we know who the original was after about a thousand of me arrived? Depends on the afterlife policy makers I guess. Maybe the souls in charge there should consider this possibility and maybe register the originals. Of course this could break down into chaos with claims of prejudice towards the higher numbers. "Why do the number one's get all the good jobs!" "Shut up number 2, try living in a number 12's shoes and see how the afterlife treats you!" "Fuck off 12!" "Who said that? Why are the numbers 100 and over here anyway? They should be out working the ectoplasm farm."
Clone wars.

Do you think the afterlife will be boring?

This guy is walking his large boxer on a super long leash. The dog is barking nasty at me and I wave good morning. Nothing. Just a barking dog and some dude staring at me. This town is starting to creep me out.

Maybe it's because I have my hoodie up. Nobody here likes hoodies.

I would like a double pistachio with chocolate sprinkles
Hello! Anyone in there? Are you open?

Time to turn around as I have hit a dead end. Now the wind is in my face and it has picked up a bit. I guess I will have some rosy cheeks when I get back.
The yacht club looks dead and snowed in. Don't those snobs drink in the winter?

We were never yacht club material. Too stuffy. Too cliquey

This town looks a bit depressed. There are only two restaurants/bars open this time of year. Both do a good business despite the ghost town appearance. There must be people hiding somewhere.

My feet are frozen now and my knee is bothering me. I can see the cottage across the street and the neighbor is running his snow blower to clear his driveway. Who buys a two cycle snow blower? That thing is embarrasing. Someone pull his man card.

I see the fishing charter cabins are empty. Bet we could have swung a deal on one of those. Imagine how nice they are inside after a season of visiting fisherdrunks.

We have a deep freeze coming for a few days. Looks like a week of thermal underwear is in my future. This has really been a shock to our systems but I think we are being sporty about it and wearing smiles along with all the layers of clothes. At least Deb bought a winter coat. I am winging it with just a fleece and a sweatshirt. I could be in trouble if I have to be outside for any length of time.

Couple more people staring at me in front of the gas station. I am not waving back any more. Screw the bastards. Just for laughs I should go in and buy a 22oz beer and sit in the playground park across the street with my hood up. How long before someone calls the cops you think?

Island time soon come.


Harper Rose you are beautiful.
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  1. Love your writing! Please do more of it. Surprised to see Hots Point is closed this time of year ��

    1. Why thank you Deb :D
      You hear Abe's was bought by the Captain Jacks owner? Going to be a more upscale restaurant with a trendy menu.

  2. At least it's stunningly beautiful on your walks and at least so far you seem to have avoided the seriously nasty flu we picked up in St. Louis. Seven of us sick on a 42 ft boat. Now THERE'S a blog post for you...

    SV Kintala

    1. Damn, that's horrible. I can't even imagine that. I would be in a hotel so fast. Hope you all feel better real soon.

  3. Love this. Feels like we are having a conversation. Well, okay, I loved it until I got to the baby poop part...because I was reading your blog post while eating lunch at my desk. My sub sandwich wasn't quite as tasty afterward.

    1. LOL Sorry! I could go for a meatball sub right now. Put it under the broiler a bit to melt the mozz over the top. Might have to try those veggie meatball things I see in the supermarket.