Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy Winter Solstice!

The winter solstice always meant quite a bit more to me than the other more traditional celebrations this time of year. Most of the current traditions originated from pagan beliefs and festivals and were twisted and watered down over time to evolve into the religious (?) holiday we have today.

The old Pagan celebration was more about our relationship with the earth and the stars and the impact all of it had on our lives. It was also one hell of a party. The livestock was fat and ready for the fire and the wine and beer had all fermented enough to get drunk on. Renewed hope came with the rising sun.

May todays rising Sun bring you warmth, hope and happiness for the new year.


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  1. We are of one mind on this day. Happy Solstice to you! May all our hopes be renewed in some way. We certainly need hope right now.
    Fyi, that is why we are moving aboard today. we chose this day specifically. I hope that's as good as spitting three times, turning around, and sacrificing a virgin.