Monday, September 25, 2017


Anyone here? Thinking about blogging again and I wanted to see if anyone was still watching.

We are sitting on the boat in the yard in a marina in Chaguaramas Trinidad. The rain keeps falling which makes work difficult so I thought I might type a few words and see if this sticks. The whole facebook adventure is giving me a fucking migraine. I like posting to the Kelly Nicole page, that's alright but my personal page is just too mind altering to observe on a daily basis. It reminds me of little kids playing soccer (football) and the whole bunch of them just follow the ball around the field. You get the topic of the day on FB and the whole lot of my friends just beat it to death with witty and not so smart comments that go on forever. They just go around in circles arguing and never scoring a point. It's tiring.

So, from now on I am looking at FB only to see if my peeps have posted anything of any substance and then I will glance at the news of the day to make sure missles are not raining down and then I will write. I will play guitar after I write. Then, I will do boat projects. This will last until we launch and then things will change a bit because anchoring and all that brings on new schedules.

I had this feeling the other day (completely off topic. Was there a topic?) that we are socially inept and that our introverted selves from years past have come back in force (quietly taken over). Not sure why this is. I find myself saying the wrong things to people or while talking to them I see the WTF look on their faces and start thinking that I am maybe a crazy person. Speaking just for myself mind you. Debra is a very quiet person but when out on her own she tells me of people she meets and conversations she has. Huh. Could it just be me? Has facebook ruined me? Every time I am out on my own I meet nutty people. Nutty in a good way mostly but sometimes nutty fruitcake scary. Like the time I gave a dinghy ride to a sailor to his boat to feed his starving kitty. Guy was illegal and the authorities impounded his boat. I had no idea. Here I am pulled alongside his boat as he unloads shit (probably drugs) from his boat into my dinghy. Never did see his fucking cat. So I get some free time and I make a friend with a sketchy French guy/drug dealer who offered me Quaker Oatmeal for helping him. We poured out the oatmeal into the bay thinking it was mostly cocaine. I wonder what ever happened to that guy. I'm like a damn magnet for weirdos.

So, with all my time spent with weirdos maybe I'm one of them now. Geez. Can I survive without a social life? Will it be a social life with fellow weirdos? Not worried about Debra, she'll be fine. I'm a talker. What the hell am I gonna do? Deb can only take so much chatter and then I will have to go out there and...
make friends?


Good to be back writing weird shit again. I think. I have a Morning Tea post almost ready to go. I'm slow. Too much time on Facebook and not alone with my keyboard...or making friends, or even talking to people offline.
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  1. Yes, I'm out here listening. I love your Morning Tea posts - get that published ASAP. Those crack me up and with all that's going on in the world, I could use a good laugh.

    Maybe our paths will cross one day in an anchorage and then we can all get together, say nothing, drink beer and call it a social interaction. :-)

  2. Oh my gosh, I thought it was just me! I thought it was because I'm basically an introvert who has been a therapist for 30 years and now I can't have normal conversations with people because I'm too afraid I'm going to ask things like , 'So when did your mother stop abusing you?'. I don't look at people that way, mind, but I'm always fearful I don't know how to have a regular conversation. And then I prove my own point by opening my mouth and inserting foot. Mike is not much better. Ask him about his dinghy. Just mention that it's cute. That will get him going. Oy vey. I'm going back to bed.

  3. Still here. Although not sure why :)

    I just pretend I don't speak English to the strange people I attract. I laugh as they keep saying the same thing over and over but a little louder as if they think I might understand if the volume is higher.


  4. We enjoy the blog much more than FB. Hope you do more. Joan always gets a kick out of your morning musings.

  5. Facebook has KILLED my blog writing. I have grand ideas and fabulous thoughts for numerous blogs. I fire up the computer and glance at FB and all of that is gone. Waste. I have pledged to get back to blog writing and do less FB. Oh look - Paul and Deb are on FB messenger.......