Tuesday, August 11, 2009

All in all it's just a, 'nother day on the wall

"We don't need no refrigeration, We don't need no power at all, Our filters look like potting soil..." Sorry, can't seem to get that Pink Floyd song out of my head. I called my buddy in Hilton and explained my engine trouble. “Fuel filters”. What? “Fuel filters, change ‘em. Your filters are dirty. Got spares? You change them before the cruise?” Um, uh, no. “Change the filters, and you’ll be fine. Lesson learned” Thanks, bye. I spent the afternoon changing the filters, and bleeding the engine. Three hours later, and we finally got it running, after several tries, and lots of smoke. By the way, the filters were black with dirt. My bad. Got lazy, and paid for it. Bad seamanship, and I should have known better. It could have been a lot worse, as the engine could have died in a tight spot, like getting to “The Wall”, or in a channel.

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  1. Good one! You have got to keep up with your Preventive Maintenance Dad! Do I need to create a SOP for your motor?