Saturday, January 14, 2012


Deb reminded me that her Mom reads the blog from time to time, and my last post contained some "unnecessary use of foul language". My apologies. I will use abbreviations from now on, so here are some examples so you know what I'm saying/thinking without actually reading it:

fu*k, f^&king, Fa King, Fk me!, frakking bullsh!t, WTF, fking Frenadians, frak you, you wine sipping....

I think there are more, but that should suffice.

Had a sailing dream last night, but I was on our old Hunter, Whisper III. Sometimes I wonder if the old gal may have been suitable for ocean voyages, with a few upgrades to make her blue water ready. Then I remember the Hunter 34 we saw in Bermuda.

No Fa King way!

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