Sunday, December 9, 2012

Another weekend in Florida

I flew in Friday night and was picked up by my mystery girl. It is weird not seeing your wife for weeks at a time. Deb took me out to dinner, and drinks, and then we settled in like it was yesterday. Saturday we had some boat chores that needed immediate attention. We cleaned up the v-berth and scrubbed the areas that were getting a little funky from the moisture. With the cold nights, and the boat locked up during the day, you can get a tad moldy if you don't stay on top of it. Almost want to get a dehumidifier for these few months before things start growing in places I can't see. What do you other folks do down here in Florida to combat the winter moisture?

Today we are going to a public market, and spending some time in the sun. I think brunch is in order also. We turned on the holiday lighting last night. First time our boat has been festive.

Our Kodak camera takes lousy night photos

A little holiday spirit for Kelly Nicole.
Cheers from Florida!



  1. Thursday night beer down on the Park Ave?

  2. Mike, my kids are taking me out for a few beverages on the ave. If you're out and about we can meet up for a few.