Monday, June 17, 2013

Freeking Blogger

Sometimes I hate google blogger! I made a simple edit, and it trashed the last post. I copied something from wikipedia, and it changed the whole font I was using. I went back to go to the default font and everything went bananas. Sorry. I think it's better now. No, I wasn't drinking. Not yet anyway!


  1. And just when you figure it out you'll have to learn a new one because Google is sunsetting Blogger next year...

    S/V Kintala

    1. Maybe they are migrating to something that's easier for our government to collect.

  2. What? No. They can't. Well, they can, but what the hell, there have to be a million blogs out there on blogger. Maybe they will give it a remake and some added google+ features. Thx for the heads up though. I may have to migrate to something else like tumblr or wordpress. Perhaps a backup is in order. Hopefully that feature still exists.

  3. I've had the same happen, links, pics, doesn't matter, it will go "I am doing this now"

    What do you mean, Google is downloading blogger, I still haven't caught up with when Apple got rid of the original cloud and I lost 3 years of pics on my blog.

    I'm hyperventilating.

    --Kim and Tim
    s/v Hemisphere Dancer
    s/v Patriot