Friday, June 21, 2013

Must be the water

We like a nice cold beer now and then. Who doesn't right? Sometimes we like many cold beers, especially if we're hanging out in the cockpit and do not have to drive anywhere. Many beers can be fun, but all that fun ends in the morning. Who likes a hangover? No one does. I only know a few people that never seem to have one even after mass consumption. I usually know my limit, and my brain is successful in communicating this to my mouth, stopping it from swallowing and ordering any more. For some strange reason though, the hangovers are getting worse with less consumption. We only had a few last night, and I woke up with a headache and a rumbling stomach. What the hell is going on?

We typically go out on Thursday nights for a few brews. Thursdays had all the specials, and after a while they became Thirsty Thursdays. When we were in Sodus Point we would stop by Captain Jacks these nights for the $2 drafts and half price appetizers. We would walk to the place from the boat, and because we didn't have to drive we would perhaps, sample a few more beers than normal. This would lead to much happiness and laughter, maybe even some dancing. Some would say we stumbled danced all the way back to the boat! Let me add one note here. Never, ever ride your bike to a bar. You would be amazed how just a little alcohol can affect your balance. My friends loaded up my bike with fresh veggies and eggs from their garden and coop one night after some fun at the bar. I had bags hanging from my handlebars while I tried to stay focused on balancing a bike and not riding off the road into the water. I made it without ending up in the Bay, but I left a trail of egg goo down the street and right into the cockpit.  Another reason for Thursday night beers, is the fact that a hangover on Friday at work is better than ruining a perfectly good Saturday morning :) Why not get paid for the pain?

There were times when a few Tylenol in the morning with a few pints of water would cure us for the day ahead, but now that doesn't work too well. You ever wake up in a hot boat with a hangover? It's not pleasant. Sunshine beaming everywhere fries your eyeballs, and then I have to walk to the back deck to open the propane tank to make some much needed tea. Sunglasses barely keep my eyes from watering down my shirt. Inevitably the boat next door will start their engines and run them for a while so you can smell the exhaust which make you want to hurl. Any run to the bathrooms is at least a quarter mile away it seems. You want to have a hangover on a boat at anchor? What if the wind picks up and you are dragging while you are sweating out the beer and your head wants to explode? Not a good situation to be in, and that's why we play it cool with the hops. So, why do we still suffer?

It can't be old age doing this. I refuse to admit believe it. I think it has something to do with the water here in Florida. It's just not that refreshing, and it lacks the properties to fully hydrate. The waitress last night gave us both a glass of filtered swamp water with our beers, and I still suffered. Yep, must be the water.
The liquid coming out of the taps down here has that slight sulfur smell to it too, so maybe that reacts with the hops and barley to produce headache inducing enzymes or something. Think I'm on onto something?

We need to prove this theory, so next Thursday I will drink the same amount I did last night. Not because I did not learn my lesson, but because I need to prove that it's the water. We'll import some water from NY, and I will use this to recover from my stupidity evening out. Stay tuned.


  1. Can't be your age, it's gotta be the water! =)

  2. Deb says this post makes us sound like we have a drinking problem. Hahaha, I didn't think so, but anyhow she wants you all to know that getting a buzz off three beers once a week ain't so bad. I might have a wee bit more than that :)

  3. Hey Paul the mistake you are making is just doing it once a week. You need to keep in practice. Trust me I know.

  4. Sorry Paul, but in 8 years I haven't run across a Guinness brewery here in the water...don't think so.

  5. Rohrbach's Scotch Ale is the solution to your problem, significant laughs, minor headaches. Oh yeah, they don't have that yet in Florida - here is the website to remind you -

    1. Nice guy. We suffer with Dukes Brown Ale. Not bad. Not the same :(