Saturday, November 30, 2013

Moving Day? Nah

Today was supposed to be moving day, but the winds and spotty rain convinced us tomorrow will be better. We already dropped off one vehicle and checked out the marina. There was a fishing trawler in our slip, which shouldn't be there. They said they'll move us around until the guy leaves. Hmm. How about he moves around and we stay in our slip? It's pretty tight quarters in there and I am not relishing the thought of maneuvering this beast around all the expensive boats.

We joked a while back about the transient slip behind us having a huge powerboat in it when it's time to leave. Deb said "Oh crap!" as we pulled up in our marina parking lot. The transient slip had an Irwin of Epic Proportions parked right on our ass. It would have been dicey getting out of our slip with him there, but he left this morning. If there were any thoughts about leaving they were erased by the Irwin of Epic Proportions spinning out after they pulled away from the dock. They almost clipped the sailboat at the end of our pier. Amazing how a heavy Irwin can be blown around so easily. We are so light in the bow that we figured we will wait until tomorrow to leave. The winds are expected to be less than ten.

The new place has an entrance of six to seven at low tide and a pretty nasty cross current. The advice from the staff at the marina was, "Just go fast".



  1. Aren't you excited? New place, new peeps, new places to explore!

    s/v Honey Ryder Caliber 40 LRC

    1. Yes! All new people to write about :)

      Been a while since we've actually moved, so we're a little nervous as well.