Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happy Tanksgiving!

They're here!

Starboard side aluminum water tank
I should have taken a photo of both of the tanks but Deb and I were so excited to finally get them that we immediately installed one.

It's unbelievable how long we  have waited for these damn things to arrive in the shape we had asked for. We kept getting notices on the shippers website that the tanks were out for delivery but they never arrived. On the third day of this Deb had had enough, and called the shipping company. They had a hard time locating the truck that had our tanks, but they were sure they had them. Comforting. So Deb had them call me as soon as they found the damn things. We sat and wondered if we were ever going to have new water tanks or is this just one cruel joke the sea Gods were playing on us. It wasn't too long when Ralph called to say the tanks had been delivered to the yacht yard and they were sitting just inside the fence! Thanks Ralphie.

We practically ran over to the yard to find the skid. We tore off the packaging and I got my tape measure out and verified the dimensions before we unbanded the two beautiful aluminum objects that are kind of like gold to us now. Like kids at Christmas we had wide eyes and smiles. "They look good" I said.

I don't think anyone in the yacht yard ever saw us destroy and discard the packaging from the delivery. We were gone in minutes and the only thing that remained was an empty wooden pallet. We hauled the tanks to the boat on one of the marina carts. They made one loud hollow sound as we bounced on down the ramp. I guess it's not every day you see a couple hauling large aluminum tanks around. We got a few what the hell's from other boaters. Some lifting and maneuvering got these tanks eased into the bow. I had to make a few mod's to the space but basically they dropped in place.

We both deserved a cold one after the tanks fit the space.

Amazing how quickly Debra and I got these things in place. It's like if we didn't install them right away they might be gone in the morning and this would have all been just a dream.

Today I'll make the hose connections and lock these tanks in place. We are going to pour foam in the corners to secure them further. I know people get freaked out by foaming in tanks. The old tank was completely foamed in place since 1989 and it didn't move or rot. I don't have a lumber yard next door and a pile of woodworking tools conjure up my inner Bob Vila so I'm going to use some angle iron, neoprene strips, stainless bolts, and FOAM.

The best part of today is not the tank hookup, it's the visit from my baby girl! Nicole is on her way back from a conference in Orlando and is stopping by the boat today. The tanks will be put on hold so that they can have a place to sleep. Yes, I said THEY. Nicole will arrive with someone that we have not met yet, and will not meet until August.

Debra and I are going to be blessed with another Grandchild! :)

We've known about this for a while and are pretty happy about it. Nicole and Jonathan will make great parents and Mighty Mason will have someone to play with at family get togethers in the Islands, with the salty Grandparents.

Life is good.


  1. We spent the evening with the Kintalas and we were all wondering...Now that you've got drinking water..are you heading over?

    1. And I thought my ears were ringing from these allergies. How y'all doing out there? From what I've read on your blogs, life is indeed good. We will be heading south as soon as we think we are ready. The last item is to sell the car, then go. I bet within 3-5 days we split for Miami. From that point we're not sure. We could cross or sail around the bay like the Kintalas. We will definitely be one of the last to go north. Bouncing around the Chesapeake this summer. See you there?

  2. What a job! I know you are glad to have that done. I concur with the 'no worries' about aluminum. I've got an aluminum pan I roast vegetables, and my mother roasted in it before me. So far, I think my brain has done ok.

  3. When you're enjoy fresh water in Somewhere Nice Cay, just hum "Tanks for the memories"....