Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Magic Truck

We are waiting patiently for the now famous tanks to arrive. I have a tracking number, and I have been keeping tabs on the delivery date all week. To my surprise I see the tanks are out for delivery which is great. What's not so great is that they are being delivered back in time.

Not sure how this will work. I can only hope that the tanks are correct and that the past me installs them properly. Can the past catch up with the present? Will I suddenly have new tanks? While the old me is installing the tanks and he happens to slice a finger off will the present Pauly lose a digit? Interesting questions. If this was Colorado I would light one up and ponder the possibilities.

I need to find that truck and go back to the time the previous owner was thinking about converting his water tank to a holding tank and knock him over the head. Wait, what am I thinking? Screw the tanks. If I can go back in time I'll just take the winning powerball numbers with me. Hello Hinckley Yachts. I'd like to place an order.

Present Pauly

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