Friday, May 16, 2014

Motor boating

Vero Beach FL. Still.

I guess we are getting our fill of motor boating the ICW. We all want to sail everywhere we go but what the hell, it's a bit impractical in many stretches to put the sails up. I am not comfortable going through bridges fixed or lifting with any Dacron flying. Maybe that will change as the months go by. Putt putting down the lazy river has its appeal as well and we find that short days of about thirty miles minimizes the stress and keeps us smiling even with the drone of the diesel. What's the rush anyway? One more week and we'll be Northbound, motor boating again until we get an opportunity to sail offshore. Fernandina Beach is on our radar and we will spend some time there enjoying the place. Eventually we will make it to the muddy bottomed Chesapeake to explore it's nooks and crannies and do some light air sailing and crab pot dodging. We plan on being on the move all the time with a few breaks here and there for visiting.

Highs and Lows:

  • We are doing really well with water consumption.
  • Getting into the dinghy every morning to shower and stuff takes some getting used to.
  • We find we have to practically be on top of the mooring in order to avoid chafe. 
  • We love the Mantus when it's on the bottom, not when it's on the bow.
  • Many Americans always need to be somewhere at a certain time it seems.
  • People are friendlier when they are sticking around for a while.
  • The sailing community is small. Newbies, Newbs, Greenhornes, Rookies really stand out.
  • Is it that obvious we are Newbs?
  • We are not big breakfast eaters.
  • There isn't a powerboater alive that goes slow through an anchorage. I might be wrong Ron :)
  • The ICW can be like I95
  • In order to meet people you have to engage or just be a complete Newb. Advice will flow.
  • Our social skills need polishing.
  • Dolphins are camera shy.
  • Nothing is more fun and wrong than watching the anchor dance or the hook up (mooring). The captain and crew dynamic in play can be quite entertaining and sometimes ugly.
  • Mornings are totally random in regard to waking up. Some days I am up before the Sun and other days I am up only after the solar panels are kicking out 10 amps. This has nothing to do with the sundowner consumption the night before.
  • Alcohol consumption is down. Something about being on the hook or the mooring that leads to a healthy lifestyle and fear of drowning.
  • I miss thirsty thursdays with music cranked and a few extra beverages.
  • Solar has been keeping up nicely but a few cloudy days brings out Mister Honda.
  • Cloudy days are usually windy days. Debating a wind genny again. 
  • Deb is getting very familiar with the dinghy despite my coaching.
  • Deb has not killed me yet.
Some days she is all by herself. We left her for a week
to take care of some family matters.

We schlepp water at the dinghy dock.
Talked to 3 diff cruisers and got 3 diff opinions
on the water quality. Typical. I filtered it anyway.

We have been here way too long and I'll explain why in the next post.


  1. Replies
    1. Only when people are anchored too close.

  2. Sounds like you guys are doing great, I am still waiting to get the boat in, been f$#ken cold in this here part of the world. When things look tough remember beer cures all.

    1. What's with the weather up there? You guys might be in for a short season.

      LOL. Beer does have its medicinal qualities.

  3. Love the Highs and Lows section. I hope you keep that a regular feature.

    Have you located the two ice cream stores yet??

    S/V Kintala

    1. Thanks Deb. Once we get moving again we'll have more to add to that section I'm sure. Have not hit up the ice cream stores yet but you can only walk by them so many times without stopping.