Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Rhino and I know

Vero. Still.

We had a lovely surprise last night at about 1:30 am. About 60 knots of wind whipped rain came roaring through the mooring field and through the eight hatches and sixteen ports. After the mad scramble to close everything the rain stopped. Son of a ...

Even though we were tied to a mooring I still enabled the ignition and opened the seacock for the raw water intake. Kind of funny considering the remote possibility that the line would snap. With the boats so close together in this field we would bounce off at least four boats before I even got the engine started. It was good practice though.

I really didn't sleep much after that scramble. Deb went right back to Neverland and I popped in and out of Pauly's Psycho Dreamworks. My last whacked episode had me sweeping out the garage at our old house on closing day. I looked around the garage and leaned on the broom wondering if we had done the right thing in selling. Around the corner of the house came a white Rhino in a slow trot. He pointed his head at the house and blue flame shot out of his horn and set the landscaping on fire. He proceeded to march around the house setting the whole thing ablaze. I ran out of the garage only to see the Rhino light up the Van. The rusty old piece of shit exploded, and the last thing I saw was the hula girl on the dashboard rocketing towards my face ahead of a fireball.

I woke up, saw the Sun and hit the dinghy for a ride to the showers. Not sure what to make of all that, but while waiting for the bus yesterday outside of Lowe's we were standing in front of the Blue Rhino propane exchange.

Maybe the Rhino was just letting me know that we made the right decision. A talking Rhino with a beer pouring horn would have been nicer.  

I'm a little worried about our next outing.



  1. As an expert on dream interpretation, I suggest you check your propane system! :) That's quite a dream you had there.

    1. Funny. I woke last night remembering I didn't shut off the propane. I'll check for leaks today based on your advice :)

      Deb never remembers her dreams. Unfortunately I recall most of them and tell her about them. Well, not all. If we ever meet up we'll find a comfy couch for me to lay down on and you can take notes.

  2. Yep. That's what I'm talking about. Good work! Probably Deb wakes up at a different part of her sleep cycle. We get more dreams as the night moves on toward morning, and most of the dreams we remember happen in the morning hours. (Unless they wake us up for some reason). Always love a good 'dream' post best. Unless I have to choose between the dream post and the bathroom post. Then it's really a tossup. Good on you for checking the propane system.

  3. Was it an African, Asian, Sumatran or Javan rhino?

    1. I was a hybrid obviously. You know, the whole flame out the horn thing?