Friday, August 14, 2015


I totally forgot yesterday was national left handed day. Yes, I am left handed. No matter how hard those nuns at St Matthews tried to beat it out of me I remain to this day left handed. I suppose somewhere in their education the nuns thought it was the sign of the devil. We all know that beating kids on their writing hand will force them to write with the other one. Stupid nuns.

There have been many studies regarding lefties. I found this article which discusses some of the findings. Some are funny and some are kind of disturbing, but a few explain a lot.

So to all my fellow lefties,


  1. I celebrated with ice cream. Today I am sorry I did. I, too, am a lefty, as is Mike. I, however, can actually write with my right hand, although it's not very good. come to think of it, my handwriting isn't very good on either side. Mike is more left hand dominant than I am. I tend toward the ambidextrous. Does that mean I just can't make up my mind? Probably.

    1. I'm not a complete lefty either. I write left, throw right, bat right but can shoot a puck right or left. I can't write with my right hand at all and my left handwriting goes from complete meaningless lines like a doctors prescription to completely nun approved fluid perfection depending on my mood. Deb? She's just right all the time :)