Monday, September 7, 2015

Just saying

So, I'm in the mood for another blog post and my bluetooth keyboard just bites the big one. What the hell man?! This is the second Zagg brand keyboard to eat it on Kelly Nicole. Anyhow, I had a few brewskies at the low country boil and I was thinking I had something to say but now that I have to use the stupid keyboard on the samsung. I'm thinking no, it's too much of a pain in the ass.

You might be impressed with the fact that I powered up the old HP laptop to write this and possibly another post before I check out for the evening.  Old school blog posting is happening right now.

We had  the low country boil for labor day at the Brunswick landing marina. Good times. Met some folks I had never seen before but the food brings them all out you know. I talked to a few guys that made some positive comments about the boat we are traveling on which is nice. Of course they may just be polite and really are wondering what crazy fux we are to be wandering out on some old Morgan like ours. You never know what people think, but do we really care? I love to listen to the old wise sailors tell their tales but they are sailors you know. Tall tales be told. Just saying.

The band was really good and pretty soon people started dancing. There was a problem with participation and a French woman was damn determined to increase the number of people out on the dance floor. She grabbed me around the shoulders and said, "Dance with us." OK. How could I turn down a French woman asking me to dance? Melting on the spot was an option, but I did my old man shuffle for a few songs and watched the French couple let loose. You have to ask yourself sometimes what holds you back from dancing like the fool that you are? Well, along comes Dave who says, "Hey Paul, Awful lot of guys dancing up there. Let me get a picture for facebook." So ended my dancing session. We need to be more European. Just saying.

It really is nice to have all these nationalities present in this place and time. We are having fun despite our neighbors calling us hermits in jest. We are focused on boat projects because we are a work in progress. This tends to label us as non conformists but we roll with it. We get picked on but it's all fun. We do enjoy the people here as they are awesome neighbors. This could not happen on land. No way. People get weird when they own land. Just saying.

So maybe a blog post later tonight though I am having a few more adult mind altering beverages. Maybe that will make my writing more interesting. We'll see.


Paul John Joseph the only.

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  1. Dance like no one is taking your photo and posting it to Facebook. You can always blame the beer, or the French. Just saying :)