Saturday, November 24, 2007

Still Waiting.....

Well, we are still waiting for delivery of the Morgan. She's still in Annapolis on the hard waiting for the trucker to finish his turkey. Hopefully by next Wednesday or so we'll see it in the yard. Figures I get called for jury duty, and may not get to supervise the unload. I get called for duty all the time! Once I served for a month on grand jury. They tried to get me last year, but I saved the old request, and I got out of it. Seems every four years I get a card in the mail. Always save the request, or make a copy. Cold out. All the leaves I had left on the yard, are now buried under inches of snow. Hopefully the snow will stay until March, because I hate raking leaves. I was considering going kayaking this weekend. I guess as long as no one will see me in a wet suit, I might give it a try. This is what we have to look forward to. Chunks of "bergy bits" bobbing around on the icy waters of Lake Ontario. Bet I could get a good kayak photo op in the ice field. Got a full house this weekend. Life is good :)
We go from this...
To this... :(

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