Thursday, November 29, 2007

The wait is over

She has arrived!
After some confusing moments, it was pretty exciting to see the old girl rolling down the hill at Oak Park. Todd says "Geezzuz H, that's a big F$%ing boat! Um, looked smaller in the water. The delivery was a surprise today, as I was told in the morning that the boat was still in Maryland, because they had a hard time getting the permits to travel in NY. OK, so I chilled out about the boat today figuring maybe friday, or monday. My cell phone rings, and it's a Maryland number. This guy with a pretty good southern accent says "Hey there Paul, this here's Ken, and I've got yer boat on my truck. I'm in Syracuse and I can't reach anybody at that marina of yours" Holy Shit! I call the marina and nobody's home. Turns out the truckers office forgot to call the marina and tell them it's coming. Short version - the trucker is sleeping over in the marina lot, after I bought him dinner at skippers, until tomorrow, when "we" off load the big girl. Figures. Someday, one day, things will eventually go as planned. So tomorrow the travel lift will break, or not start. Stay tuned.

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