Sunday, May 10, 2009

Preparing to launch

Deb and I worked all weekend on the boat, getting her ready for the big splash. Well we didn't work all weekend, as we never seem to get out there until around eleven in the morning. It was nice on saturday, but sunday was a bit chilly with temps around 50 degrees. I had a mighty struggle with the boat plumbing, specifically with the sea strainer for the engine intake. That damn strainer weighs about ten pounds, and was a bear to get mounted, and the ugly piece of brass is worth about $450.00! If I knew it was that much to replace it, I wouldn't have left it laying behind the van all damn day. Deb was busy getting the prop all nice and shiny. Her favorite job. She was determined to polish it up, and took a sander to it to get off all the tarnish. It looks good, plus she got a few comments from onlookers about what a nice job she did. She's getting good at this boat work, so I put her to work on the mast. I'm going to start lining up more jobs for her. The last week went by relatively fast, and I did not get all the things done that I needed to, but it was productive anyway. I think my blood pressure finally settled down a bit, at least it feels like it did. The rub-rail was the most time consuming job, but now it's done, and I don't have to worry about it. I just have to wait for a really warm day to insert the gray vinyl. I heard it's a bear to get in unless it's really warmed up and flexible. We managed to poke around our countryside a little bit. The springtime here is very nice. The bugs are not out yet, and the trees have blossomed. We were traveling along the south shore of Sodus Bay, and stopped by a creek which flows from a hilltop down to the bay, through a farm, Alasa Farm, where there is an animal rescue facility. It's actually called the Cracker Box Palace, and the kids can have a blast there, seeing and petting all the well cared for animals. They also have different activities for kids, and concerts too. Click here for more info. While we were trespassing on the farm property, for just a few photos, we came across a waterfall, which I never knew was there. Kelly and I hiked a portion of this creek some time ago, and never noticed the falls. This time I heard it, and checked it out. It's not what I would call a secluded waterfall, and hard to find, as it's under a roadway, and there is a state sign....ok I guess I'm not that aware of my surroundings, but Kelly didn't see it either :) She also didn't see the no trespassing sign. Apparently we both have a problem with ignoring signs, like when we broke into the naval base in Key West to take a short cut, and check out the old sub pens. It's not like we cut the fence, it had a hole in it. It's like they were inviting us in. Here is the "not so obvious falls". The apple trees in this part of NY are blossoming right now, and it makes for some nice landscapes. If we got up along the lake we could have seen full groves of blossoming trees. Very nice. This photo was along the south shore of Sodus too. Now it's back to work, and the realities of the auto industry. Should be an interesting week. We have an all employe meeting on thursday. I'm sure it's not about a pay raise. My guess is a 32 hour workweek is coming, which would be better than a 0.0 hour workweek. I should have worked or a toilet paper manufacturer, there is always a need for that product.

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