Monday, June 15, 2009


Sailing at last! It was about time too. I could feel all the stress melt away as we left the dock. We had a slow sail both Saturday and Sunday, but we got out there, and the sun even came out on Sunday. We also got to try out our new canvas, and it made a big difference. Our old dodger really didn't help us dodge anything, as it was too small, and kind of awkward looking. Now the bimini comes forward, and drops down with glass to provide a great view, and it blocks all that cold Ontario air.
The new mattress we bought last fall feels great. Better than the one at home. We slept well our first weekend afloat. Still have some projects to finish up before we're ready to cruise, but first we have to figure out where we are going. With the big boat we have to choose wisely, as there are few slips we can fit into. Actually getting in is the easy part. Getting out is usually the challenge. I noticed late Sunday that my belt on the engine is throwing black powder all over everything, causing a burnt rubber smell. Time to change belts, and get some of the rust off the pulleys.
Friday we watched Pittsburgh skate with Lord Stanley's cup, much to the disappointment of my daughter, the Red Wings fan. We watched from the bar at Waypoints, while the Kid Kurry Band got everyone dancing, except us, as we were glued to the tube. We were doing the bar stool boogie. I have not missed a team skate with the Stanley Cup since the Bruins in 1970. My dad and I would put the rabbit ears out the attic window to pick up a Toronto station when the US didn't carry a game. As I recall, it was pretty damn cold up there, and the reception sucked, but we watched anyway. Damn that seems so long ago.
We will be out to the boat during the week for some measurements on our Mack Pack. We need to get this done, so I don't take a spill while putting the sail cover on. I hope to get some kayaking in too this week. I haven't done this in a while. We both feel like we're way behind this season, and there really is no excuse for it.
Charlie and Liz in SummerLand
Paul and Carol speeding along in their Sabre 34
The Bryan family in their 1st boat.
Boy that was a while ago.

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