Thursday, May 17, 2012


Preparations are under way. Not for a big voyage, but for a wedding! My Daughter Kelly gets married this Saturday, and we're all getting a tad nervous. I have the rest of the week off to run around town getting this and that. Deb seems a bit anxious, and my stomach is revolting. Might be the three bowls of chili I had last night.

Looks like the weather will cooperate, thank you. We are having the wedding in a park by the lake, and a northerly whipping rain would not be good. We have a spacious building for indoor activities, but there's nothing like being able to meander outdoors. Champagne on a hill overlooking the lake with the Sun on us will be much better than a steamy dance hall with a hundred drunks in it.

Some photos I found of the place for the wedding. Hopefully we'll have our own photos to share. None of them will show me dancing.



  1. Good luck this Saturday! I get teary-eyed just thinking of the day our daughter gets married! I agree that an outdoor wedding is so much prettier than some reception hall! Best wishes to the proud parents!

    1. Thanks! I'll try not to cry :)
      This was a really frugal wedding. I'll post on it later. I might actually be able to afford to cruise after it's over.