Friday, June 1, 2012

Still here

The wedding didn't kill us. We're still kicking, just in internet limbo. We moved onto the boat from the apartment, and we are trying to use the marina WiFi, but it SUCKS!  I really wanted to cancel all cable service, and rid ourselves of that bill, but we can't handle this spotty reception. I know I better get used to not having reliable internet, but when I'm sitting at the dock I think it should be available, especially with the dock fees we pay. Maybe I need a good antenna, or maybe I need to call those thieving bastards at Time Warner and have them run a coax to my boat. I really don't want to do that. Any good WiFi antennas out there? Saw one for $300, which I think is crazy expensive.

Current project short list:
  • Sea Frost refrigeration Install (amazingly difficult to find a spot outside the engine room for the compressor)
  • Remove busted stanchions and get them welded. (Crappy design)
  • New Alternator/regulator
  • New injectors
  • Run new fuel hose to new Dual Racors.
I'm a busy boy.

If we ever get reliable internet I'll post more, especially some wedding photos. All went well, and according to plan. Deb did a great job, but the event really wore us out. The best part, besides my Daughter marrying a great guy, is that the wedding was paid for at the end of the day. Sweet. Never understood why folks spend tens of thousands of dollars for about 4-5 hrs of merrymaking.

People here at work know when we have moved onto the boat. Apparently boat people smell. Not really a bad smell, but a boat smell.
I need to pick up some Febreze.


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  1. Glad to hear the wedding went well and you won't be paying for it for years to come! We plan on doing the same for our daughter, whether she agrees or not!

    Congrats on your move to the boat ... we can't wait to do the same!