Sunday, August 19, 2012

Slip sliding away

Been busy lately with work and family. I have a project due at work, just before we leave for an extended cruise. Boss man is all in a huff because I'm taking vacation, but seriously is there ever a good time to take vacation with your employer? I asked for four weeks, but they freaked out, so two weeks out, a week back, then two weeks out again. We'll have to leave the boat for a week, then drive back so I can appease the auto God's. Does a Corvette really need an emissions system anyway? They only get driven to some ice cream, or burger joint once a month on a Sunday in good weather by old men at 30 mph.

On the subject of old men, my Dad took a spill last week, and managed to shatter his pelvis, and bruise his shoulder. He's in rough shape, and is in a rehab home. My Dad is very active, so trapped in bed and a wheelchair for two months is going to be tough for him. For us, the tough part is seeing him there, and in pain, and we pray that rehab goes well. Don't where socks on a polished floor!
The last time my Dad went sailing I had to tell him to take off the socks. He had some woollies on, walking around the deck in a stiff breeze. Come to find out he's got drawers full of socks of all kinds. What's with the socks Imelda? 

We took Thirsty Thursday off, and moved the fun to our good friends house on Friday. Kate and Frank helped us take our minds off things for an evening. In the morning our minds were definitely off. Deb never went to bed. She stayed up with Frank to watch the sunrise and hear the Roosters. I fell asleep with the days clothes on, but managed to get down a flight of stairs and crawl up into a bunk bed without breaking my pelvis, so I couldn't have been that bad, and I wasn't wearing socks.. We very rarely carry on like we were in our twenties, but we've been friends for so long, and we will miss each other as we cruise away from NY, so one last night of foolishness seemed in order.

The colder nights are here, and I had the heater on this morning. Long pants, and a sweatshirt are in  order for the morning tea. No socks!

Two weeks left before we cruise, and still so much to do!  Work, My Dad, Project list, etc. Seems the closer we get the more we slide away.

Here are some photos of the last sail.

Reefed headsail, full main

A good feeling getting power from nature

No one ever guesses Morgan

We had tropical waters last weekend. Water reached 80 degrees.

Ontario  can be beautiful, at times.

Good wind, flat water.

Looks like we're heading for an island in the Bahamas...sort of.

Don and his P10. Always racing, seldom winning. That should generate a comment :)



  1. Those pics DO look a lot like southern waters. We hope your Dad recovers quickly. Enjoy the time off...

  2. Thank you. We're keeping our fingers crossed, and feeling pretty guilty about cruising right now, even though he's in good hands. Can't wait to get cruising, and have a little adventure, and relax a bit. Who knows, you might see some little grey haired guy from NY asking about vegetarian options at the Boatyard real soon ;)

  3. Aren't bosses a pain?! He has no idea the sacrifice you're making for him ... LOL!

    Sorry to hear about your Dad, and hope he recovers quickly.

    Great pics!

    1. Nice clear pic of Naiad. Must be from having your headsail reefed. All of my pics of your Catalina are bow shots :o)
      Definately going to miss you guys... we do have fun on the North Coast!!
      Sorry to hear about your Dad - make sure he has the meanest PT to get him back on his feet ASAP!

    2. That's Catalina Morgan to you pal. Why stress the rigging with a full sail when we're already doing 8 knots :)

      Yes, we've had some fun on this coast, for the 2 months we can actually sail (we're not that hardy). We will miss you guys as well. Lot's of laughs.

    3. Ken, Cheryl, Thanks! Dad is pretty tough, and way too impatient to sit in bed for too long. He's already in trouble for getting out of bed and WALKING to the bathroom! The man basically has no pelvis.

      Ontario looks so inviting, doesn't it? Maybe you should bring that Catalina up here and kick Don's ass while I'm gone :)